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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Chapel sessions for 21/10/2013

Hi, and welcome to another blog post. This one is about the chapel session for 21/10/2013 I have decided to move the chapel sessions over to this blog, from that one over there, so I can have all my posts in one place. I'm not really sure why I had 2 blogs in the first place. Anyway, on to this week's chapel session. This week we didn't have a band in, but we got the RTU's and Jake to form a quick band so we could have a go at setting up for them. We needed to microphones to mic up a drumkit, 2 guitar amps to mic up, 1 vocalist, and we needed to put a keyboard through directly to the desk, but also put the keyboard through an amp so the band could hear it as well. TO be honest with you, I found the hole process very disorganised, because we knew what we were supposed to do, but we weren't very quick, and there wasn't one person who took a management roll, and we were slow at it. I think it could have been better, but then the band kept going out of time, so we couldn't get a good recording of them. We also didn't use the multitrack because it would take too long to set up. There were also problems with the setup, that being that some mics weren't posissioned right, and some things weren't micked up at all, so the RTU's had to spend time fixing what we had already done, which I thought was fair enough, as it was our first time setting up. Anyway, I think that'll do for this blog entry, so see you next time.


  1. Good blog Kieran, an accurate blog as well.

  2. a really good post and apart from a few random spelling mistakes i can't fault it.

  3. Good blog Kieran, informative and friendly with the readers. good job.