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Monday, 4 November 2013

Exploring radio (kiss 100) Second update

Hi all, Last week was half term, but I decided to do some work on my radio assignment anyway. Turns out I was quite focused last week, as I managed to finish my presentation, which was a new challenge for me, as it was my first time at using Keynote on my mac; turns out it’s quite accessible, which is always good. I created slides with bullet points on what I was going to be talking about, and my plan is to write up my own notes so I can read them on my Braillenote as I give the presentation. I need to write my notes up, but I will do that before Friday. I must say, I have been listening to kiss 100 more ever since I decided to study it, and let me tell you, by my standards, it ain’t that bad. Thanks for reading, and I will will no doubt be back with another blog post soon.

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