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Friday, 22 November 2013

Exploring a talk and music radio program: The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show again

Hi there everyone, I thought I was done but I managed to get a clip. I also emailed kiss yesterday about listening figures for a specific program since they aren't published, but I have not got a response yet. I managed to get a clip from the kiss breakfast takeaway podcast, which I then edited down in sound forge. I am going to incorporate this clip in to my presentation, and if I get a reply with listening figures, I shall also put those in. But I'm not really expecting a response, or at least a positive one. Anyway, that's all from me, until next time. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Exploring a talk and music radio program (continued)

Hi everyone, I am ready for my presentation. On Monday, I did some more research. I'm still not sure of whether I will get clips yet, I don't think I will, as I would have to do a lot of work to get them because the PC version of the player to listen again is inaccessible. However, it is accessible on my iPhone. However on Monday, I was unable to add the new info to my notes file, so I have added them today. I found out some more info about the presenters, and I have added a few more things about the show for example, about the podcast, and the slot on kiss's TV channel. I need to transfer my notes to my braille note, so I can read them during the presentation. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I shall post again soon.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Exploring a talk and music radio program: The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show on Kiss 100

Hi there, and welcome to this blog post. This time, I have been asked to studdy a program from the radio station I chose in the previous assignment. So, I have chosen The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show on kiss 100. I have chosen this show because it is kisses most popular show, and it is a one that I have listened to in the past, and still enjoy today. I could not find the listening figgures for the show, but judging by Kiss's listening figures, it is a popular show. Anyway, I still need to research the show a bit more, and research the presenters' backgrounds, but I have listened to the show today and gaged the running order, so I think that will do for today. Thanks for reading, and I shall post again soon.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chapel session for 11/11/2013

Hi there, and welcome to another chapel session blog entry. In this session, we did not have a band in, but we were divided in to two groups, and asked to compose two theme tunes. One for live at the Chapel, and one for the open mic nights. I was put in the open mic night group, and we were asked to compose an acoustic theme. I was the drummer, we also had an acoustic guitarist, and a pianist. There were also four other people. Two of them were in the control room, and the other two went to research and listen to other theme tunes on the internet to feedback to us, (the musicians), so we could have an idea of what we were supposed to be creating. We jammed for a bit, and eventually came up with an idea that we liked. We played it through a few times to make sure we all knew what we were doing. In the mean time, the two engineers set up two microphones in the room so we could record our ideas just in case we had forgotten them by the next time we got together. I was then given a set of headphones so I could take instructions and guidance from the control room, and feed it back to the rest of the group. We did a ruff recording of the first idea, and then went in to the control room to listen to it. We were happy with it, so we moved on. We had decided to do a few ideas for a theme; different genres of theme, and then we would have a group discussion and see which one we liked best. After a quick break, we got back to the studio and started jamming again to come up with more ideas. We found another one, and we played it a few times. The guitarist’s fingers were starting to hurt so he said he wasn’t going to play this time so me and the pianist recorded a ruff idea, and then all the group got together in the control room to listen to both ideas, and we decided that the second one was better and nicer. And that’s about it for this week’s chapel session so thanks for reading, and I will post soon.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Exploring radio (kiss 100) Second update

Hi all, Last week was half term, but I decided to do some work on my radio assignment anyway. Turns out I was quite focused last week, as I managed to finish my presentation, which was a new challenge for me, as it was my first time at using Keynote on my mac; turns out it’s quite accessible, which is always good. I created slides with bullet points on what I was going to be talking about, and my plan is to write up my own notes so I can read them on my Braillenote as I give the presentation. I need to write my notes up, but I will do that before Friday. I must say, I have been listening to kiss 100 more ever since I decided to study it, and let me tell you, by my standards, it ain’t that bad. Thanks for reading, and I will will no doubt be back with another blog post soon.