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Friday, 15 November 2013

Exploring a talk and music radio program: The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show on Kiss 100

Hi there, and welcome to this blog post. This time, I have been asked to studdy a program from the radio station I chose in the previous assignment. So, I have chosen The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show on kiss 100. I have chosen this show because it is kisses most popular show, and it is a one that I have listened to in the past, and still enjoy today. I could not find the listening figgures for the show, but judging by Kiss's listening figures, it is a popular show. Anyway, I still need to research the show a bit more, and research the presenters' backgrounds, but I have listened to the show today and gaged the running order, so I think that will do for today. Thanks for reading, and I shall post again soon.

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