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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Producing my own radio show

Hi there, Haven't updated my blog in a while, because I kind of forgot. A lot has been going on. I have decided to do an our long radio show. I have made myself some jingles, and put music and sound effects on top of these. I recorded my own voiceover in a studio and then used sound forge to normalise the levels and effects to it. I kept the dry jingles without effects so you can tell that they have been edited. I used a range of effects including Reverb, Reverse, Delay and corus, and I also used some of the voice clips from other staff members and students. I have also put together a playlist, running order and features. My features include a small mini mix which was originally meant to be 15 minutes, but once I had recorded it it ended up being 20 minutes so I renamed this feature. I also have 2 other features; 3 song shuffle, where I put my iPod on shuffle and play the first 3 songs that come up, and geordy reads the weather where I read the weather in a comical geordy accent. I am going to do Geordy reads the weather live, as I think it would be funnier. I have also decided not to script most of the show because I think the show will flow better if I didn't script it. This is because I work better when I'm not working to a script. I'd rather the show be spontaneous. Also I'd like to get user interaction during the show, but I do have a backup plan if I don't. I plan to get user interaction from my college emails, or my personal Facebook and twitter accounts, which I will be checking on my phone throughout the show. I am to trigger radio beds from a CD. This would make it easier for me to trigger jingles over the radio beds. I am going to trigger jingles and the songs from a media player on the PC. Thanks for reading, and I will try and update you soon.