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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lesson for 27/09/2013

Hi there, and welcome to this new blog where I publish the goings on in Friday's media lessons at RNC. This Friday we were discussing radio, and what type of radio programs/stations we enjoy ourselves. I chose BBC radio 1XTRA, as that is the station I listen to the most. If you're not familiar with bbc radio 1xtra, they play a mix of brand new music, from up and coming artists in the UK, USA, and Jamaica/the caribbean. It's main genres are hiphop, RNB, UK garage/UK grime, dancehall, dubstep and drum & bass. It is a brother/sister station of BBC radio 1, except it does not broadcast on an FM frequency. It broadcasts on digital TV around the UK, DAB radio and streams over the internet. Its main audience is 15-30 year olds, (5 years shorter than radio 1; 35). Anyway, we also talked about different radio features/quizzes that show hosts may play on their shows to get the audience envolved. We were then told to go and listen to a station of our choice, and whilst we were listening, we should collect some facts and research the station. I chose to listen to bbc raio 1xtra, specifically, the Trevor Nelson show, from 10:00-12:45. I managed to play along with his feature called 5 seconds to name, which entails Trevor playinG a 5 second clip of a mashup of an artists songs, and the listeners have to guess which artist it is. (it was Nelly Furtado) We did this for half an hour, and then we discussed in a big group, what we had listened to, and any extra info we had found out about the station. This week's session should be fun, as we're going to swop stations with another person, putting us out our Comfort zone.

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  1. very interesting blog. i have learned a lot about universal thanks to your post. i look forward to reading your fuure blogs :-)