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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Exploring radio - Kiss 100: Lesson 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new blog series in which I will be exploring the various goings on of kiss 100. I wil be putting together a presentation about kiss 100. I will be exploring there
    • Types of programs
    • Genre
    • Audience profile
    • Production processes
    • Market share
    So in this lesson I started to get some notes together for my chosen station, which is kiss 100, which is based in london, but broadcasts Internationally across the UK on satalite TV and DAB radio. They also have a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and android phones, which let's you listen back to previous shows, and also listen live to their 3 radio stations, kiss 100, kiss fresh, and kisstory. I also found out that kiss 100 started as a pirate station in london in the 1990's, but then expanded. I chose to listen to The Rickie, Melvin and Charlie Breakfast Show while I was researching the station, which broadcasts from 06:00-10:00, Monday-Friday. The main focus of the station is to play current pop music, with specialist underground shows later on in the night, with specialist dj's who specialise in their spacific genres. They also broadcast the news, and adverts every 15-30 minutes or so. I also found out that they have 2.2% audience share as of Dec. 2012. It's main audience is teenagers and young adults, a cut off of around 30-35, teenagers from around 13-15. it is also owned by Bauer radio, who own other stations, e.g. the hits radio, heat radio and Kerrang radio. The station sometimes hosts quizzes as well, and they encourage people to phone in. Anyway, I think that'll do it for this week's entry, I'll write again when I next do some more work. Thanks, Kieran.
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