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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lesson for 04/10/2013

Hi there, and welcome to another blog post. In this one, I'm going to discuss the goings on of the lesson for friday, 04/10/2013. So, you'll remember last week's lesson where I listened to, collected information about, and analysed BBC Radio extra, well this week, first of all, we discussed our listening figures we had found for our respective stations. i had not managed to find the figures, but I had managed to find the website that we were supposed to get them from (which is After that, we were told to listen to a completely different radio station; one that we wouldn't normally choose to listen too, so we weren't used to the content and format. I chose , as although I have listened to it in the past, it isn't my preferred radio station of choice. I listened to the breakfast show finishing, and the hand over to Colin Murray, after the news at 10 o'clock. I then did some research on the station while I was listening, to feedback to the group, and in the process discovered that the site was blocked by the RNC internet policy because the site is affiliated with gambling, and mentioned gambling terms/sites though out the site. so I had to rely on other sources for my information. `However, I could still listen to it because the station is not hosted on talksport's site, the actual stream link is hosted on another server that isn't blocked, so I could put that URL in my portable media player of choice (Foobar2000

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