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Friday, 27 June 2014

Sound for media

This is my sound for media task where I had to create a media product 3-5 minutes in length. It had to include atmospherics, a recorded sound effect, music, and dialog.

Session 1:
I had decided to work with my classmate Josh, and we had decided that 3-5 minutes equalled about the length of a song. We didn’t know what to write a song about, and then we remembered that the college had a talent show coming up. We tried to come up with some lyrics, but didn’t do very well.

Session 2:
After a weekend of failed song writing, we came to the conclusion that we probably weren’t very good at it. We went back to the drawing board. Then we came up with the idea of doing an advert. We figured out if we could make it interesting enough by interviewing some people who were performing we could pull it off.

Session 3:
In this session we recorded some of the voice tags. Josh did the actual voices since he could do a good impression of Peter Dixon (the voiceover man from XFactor). I recorded these in sound forge.

Session 5
I used session 5 to edit these voice tags.
Sessions 5 and 6 were used so we could come up with a script for these adverts.

Session 7:
In session 7, we had a complete script but we didn’t have anyone to record it. As both me and Josh didn’t really have the right kind of voice that we were looking for. SO we had a brainstorm and then asked intern Andy if he would record it for us. He agreed.
Me and josh were in the control room, josh was relaying the script via talkback
Session 9 Was spent editing these clips and making the music for the talent show.

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