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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Analysing music, TV, and a movie

Hi again,
This time I am going to analyse a piece of music, a clip from TV, and a clip from a movie.
I am going to discuss its purpose, elements that are included, and its meaning.


The piece of music I have chosen is the theme to the popular BBC2 motoring show, TopGear.

I have chosen this because I think it suits the show quite well. This is not just because it is well known, and when people here it, they immediately think of the show.


The purpose of the TopGear theme is to entertain, as it usually provides a background music for presenter Jeremy Clarkson to explain what’s coming up in the show, which he sometimes makes funny by explaining little things, e.g. “Tonight, James wears a hat, I wear a hat, and Richard wears a hat with stuff on it.”


There are drums, a few guitars and a synth. There are also some atmospheric sound effects that could be mistaken for cars. There are also a few stabs nearer the end for dramatic effect.


It has a very particular meaning. It lets you know that the show is starting. Some of the elements in it also hint that it is a show about cars.

Analysing a TV clip

The clip I have chosen is from hit BBC comedy, Gavin and Stacy. It shows the two families eating breakfast together when they start to here rhythmic banging from upstairs.


The purpose of this clip is to entertain and to suggest what might be going on.


This clip includes the sound effects of everyone sitting around eating breakfast. Also later on in the clip, to try and mask out the noise coming from upstairs a radio is switched on. All you can hear from upstairs is a rhythmic banging, suggestion sexual activity.


The meaning of this clip is to entertain and to make the watcher speculate on what is going on upstairs. The music of the radio is added to try and mask out the noise, and then a few of the family pretend to sing and dance along as if they know the song.


The movie clip I have chosen is the scene from the family guy spin off of Star wars episode VI, (Return of the Jedi)

I have chosen this because I find it very funny, and it provides dramatic and comical effect during the movie.


Its purpose is to solely entertain and to keep the watcher in suspense for what will happen next. It is a set up for a big scene.


This clip includes a minimal amount of elements. The main element is the dramatic jaws like music in the background. This adds dramatic effect, and aims to keep the user in suspense for what will happen next. All the cast are nodding to each other, waiting for some sort of signal. I feel it goes on a bit too long, but I also think it’s a very funny clip.


Its meaning is to keep the watcher in suspense for what will come. It is also supposed to amuse the watcher by going on too long. This is the nature of the show, however; dragging jokes out a bit too much but not too much so that they aren’t funny.

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