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Monday, 2 June 2014

Comparing 2 production rolls

Hi there,
I have been asked to compare two production roles.
I am going to be comparing the role of the person who operates and mixes the cameras, and the person who manages the sound desk.

The person who operates the cameras has a very important job, as they need to be able to concentrate on things like camera angles, and colours, etc., while making decisions about which camera to use and to tell the people manning the cameras anything they need to do, e.g. move a little bit.
The person manning the sound desk also has a very important job as they have to concentrate on things like EQ, reverb, and more importantly, the levels of the sound.
They also need to talk to the person and/or people being recorded to check whether they want to record, or to tell them to play one instrument so it can be sound checked.
Communication is also a big part of the camera operator’s job, as they need to be clear with their instructions and they need to make sure they don’t get distracted and they stay focused.
The people involved in the team also need to be good at solving problems because if a piece of equipment doesn’t look or sound right, they need to make sure they know steps to take to troubleshoot it e.g. changing cables that may be faulty.
They both need to work together however, to tell each other when they are ready, and if anything is wrong. This ensures that any problems can be sorted out quickly.

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