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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Media product case studdy on universal records

Hi there, And welclome to this blog post all about universal records. I was asked to do a case studdy about a media corporation, so I chose universal records.

Universal music group


The headquarters are currently based in satnamonica, CA. It was origenally called Decca Records USA in 1934, and then changed to MCA music entertainment, and then in 1996, and then it branched off in to pollygram in 1998.

Who owns it?

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest American music corporation. It currently operates as a subsidiary of Paris-based media conglomerate. Max Hole chairmen and CEO of UMG internatial Key people are: Chairman & CEO Lucian Grainge hig.

List the products they produce.

These are all artists are all signed to this record label Akon, all american rejects, jack Johnson, Lady Gaga, Kendric Lamar, Justin Bieber. They have also released merchandise, DVD's, and other things to do with the artists. They also take a percentage of what the artist gets paid. They also release CD singles, music downloads, and they sell billions of records per year. They have also had several number ones in both the UK and the US charts.

List competitors

Sony records, EMI records, and warner music group. Universal, sony, EMI and warner brothers are the four biggest record labels active at this time. WIth lots of subsiddery labels.

Links to the media corporation and it's publications

Universal music's home page Kendric Lamar - swimming pools Akon - Locked up Justin Bieber - Never say never (2011) | IMDB. Thanks, Kieran


  1. Great post, now I have some knowledge about universal. Looking forward to more of your posts. :D

  2. Great post, lots of information about the lable itself. Some information about the artists would be usefull

  3. Some good consise information here, well done.

  4. Great post, well layed out. I especially like the headings for each major section. Other than a couple typos, this post is great. Well done.