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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lesson for 11/10/2013

Hi there, and welcome to this blog entry about Friday's lesson for 11/10/2013 In this lesson we were asked to work in a group and investigate a particular radio program. It took us a while to decide which program and station to go for, but eventually we decided on the radio 1 breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw. We decided to give certain people certain aspects of the program to look at. I looked at different aspects of the program; different features, the format, length, ETC. The info I managed to find is below.


The radio 1 breakfast show Type of show: Music and chat Runs from 06:30—10:00, Monday-Friday on BBC radio 1. Produced by Matt Fincham, Ian Chaloner, Fiona Hanlon, Laura-May Coope Offers a podcast of the best bits of the week, which is a free download from the BBC site. Broadcast from studio 82A, broadcasting house in london. The breakfast show is the flagship show on bbc radio 1, and Nick Grimshaw, who took over from Chris moyles, who holds the record for the longest running breakfast show, presents it. He has brought a feature from his previous show called call or delete where celebrities choose a random contact from their phone and decide whether to call them with a story that Nick Grimshaw is telling them, or delete them from there phone. Other features are wheel of four tunes, in which a listener spins a virtual wheel and what ever it lands on is the song they play. Showquizness where a robotic voice who is occasionally rude asks questions about show business that nick and one listener compete to answer. They also do a feature on a Friday after 09:30 called the mixtape, where an artist does a live mix for half an hour of mostly songs from the 2000’s. Nick also has big named guests in, usually around 08:15, previous guests include Justin Bieber, Emma Watson, One Direction and Alicia Keys. The music played is usually from the radio 1 playlist, also Nick has a record of the week, which is usually from the radio 1 B or C lists. Aimed at radio 1's younger audience, cut off around 25. Usually more chatting then music, but it usually has adverts for other programs on the BBC in between songs. Usually 2 songs in a row. There is a news feature called newsbeat, every half an hour until 8 o'clock, and then it is half past the hour from then on throughout the day on radio 1. I hope you ffound this interesting, and I look forward to writing about something else next week. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Not my favourite kind of show but I liked the information