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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Catching up with different production rolls

Hi all, and happy New Year. Welcome to my first post of 2014. In this post, I am going to talk about the different production rolls I have held in the chapel. I am also going to talk about the roll I held in the XMas factor. I haven't really held any production rolls in the chapel, but I have been observing what goes on behind the scenes. I have also helped mix down a band, which was an interesting experience, as I had to get the right amount of low end frequencies and high end frequencies. I also had to try to get the right amount of each instrument, which proved difficult as they had a lot of instruments. I have observed the audio side of setting up and recording as well, so I can learn how to do thigns the right way, and learn what not to do. In the XMas factor, I helped make the theme music, results music, voiceovers and lots of other elements that made the show more realistic. I used a lot of music tech equipment to do this, including Garage band on OSX, Sound Forge, effects units, and mixing consoles. During the actual show, I was running sound for the live stream, which was an interesting experience, as I got to do live mixing; trying to balance the people who were singing and the keyboard/piano/backing track they were singing with. I had someone telling me the running order, so I could turn up the things I needed to, for example turning up the keyboard when it was needed. I improvised a bit. To make the show sound more realistic, I started to use the microphones that were designated for the piano as crowd microphones, to capture the crowd in its fullest form, rather than just bleed from the other microphones. I loved running the sound for the Xmas factor, as I got to observe what went on behind the scenes e.g. the cameras, and how all of that was done. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back soon with another update.

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